A.B.A.T.E. is
An alliance of bikers dedicated to the protection
of the individual rights
of motorcylists
though political change,
charitable works
and public education

New memberships are available
and if you are a current member
please keep your membership up to date

Refer to Chapter Information for membership representative

We hold a toy run every year to benefit the kids in Allentown
thru the VOA and Turning Point.

All monthly meetings are held first Saturday of the month at Grumpy's BBQ Mechanicsville @ 10:30am
see events

** The November meeting will be on the 11th.
We have many upcoming events please clickhere to see them.

The annual rights rally is up and coming please contact Rick Loomis for details, click here for chapter info.

Please try to attend the meetings as there are many important topic being discussed.